Merlyn's Universal Sanctuary

Brothers and Sisters, It is time to remember who you are and where you have come from! In truth, each one of us is a shining star. We are spirits dancing within matter, and we have come here to shine bright! It is so easy to forget with all the distractions of material living. I am here to remind you that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and the Universe is within you. All are welcome to this Universal Sanctuary without distinction of race, creed, age, sex, sex orientation, caste, or color-- for we all have the same Mother, Nature; and we all have the same Father, the Great Spirit. I invite you to tune into the Light within you, and be at peace. The planes are filled with peace and that peace is within you. You can find it if you choose to focus your awareness in this direction. Experience the beauty of Nature. She is the Great Teacher, and as you spend time with Her, let Her show you the way. She will whisper Her Love to you if you but listen. She Loves you very much, for you are Her Beloved Child. Accept your Mother's Love it is good for you. We wish you peace and love with understanding... Let it be so, in the Name of Love, Yours, in service of the Light, Merlyn

Oh Beloved Spirit of Nature, our Mother, bring us the Love we need. Let all the bondage die! Radiate your blessed and beautiful presence, into our bodies, minds and spirits-- to awaken us to the throneroom of consciousness-- that we may be whole and free and remember who we are!