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ESP and Sexuality by Al G Manning
Your Spirit people enjoy participating in your sexual adventures and inventing some of their own. For instance I have showered with my Spirit Lover, Karakassa, every morning for a good 50 years and we keep it fresh and alive. Showering with your spouse or physical lover can be nice, but it's not near as comfortable as with Spirit. Either way it's the sensuality that makes it delightful. Over the years I made too many mistakes on the physical marriage level, so I let Karakassa pick my present (and last) wife, Virginia. The compatibility is clearly founded on the psychic level and there is no jealousy between Karakassa and Virginia. Sensuousness is a major factor in compatibility and it mostly derives from your applied ESP. Years ago Playboy Magazine did an article on sensuality making subtle touching the major premise. I remember a suggestion: I'll bet you a dime I can kiss you without ever touching you. Of course you had a big sloppy kiss and said I guess I lost, here's your dime. Great fun as an ice breaker. Enjoy your sensuous life to the fullest by using your ESP.
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