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Hi! Welcome to our site. Everything is beautiful at E.S.P. Lab - Let's make it so for YOU, TOO! In keeping with our Lab motto: RESULTS! We're into bringing you super effective & efficient positive magickal help! NOW!!!
New magick, real majik, white magic, true magick: We have fun info on-- Astrology, ESP, prosperity, the occult, white witchcraft, the LIGHT, healing, meditation, white magick, spells, rituals, and much more...
HOLIDAZE cards… send in your YO SATURNALIA, JOYOUS SOLSTICE, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HANNUKAH, PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR Cards (since we are eclectic Lab Staff celebrates all the holidaze)—we treat for the success of those participating all year long! ( Member's Only section )
** 2015 SPIRITUAL SCIENCE SERVICES: September 27th (none in October) and LAST Sunday of EVERY month!! ** High Noon California Time-- 3pm Eastern> by PHONE< Conference Call-- Dial-in Number: (712) 432-0111 Participant Access Code: 243502# ***JOIN US BY PHONE OR COME BY AND PARTICIPATE IN PERSON AT REVEREND SAMI'S HOME, The theme will be: ?MAGICK IS ALIVE!?***
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Astrology - Sept / Oct 2015
Get outside and connect to your night sky – light a fire and sit under the stars … Experience your New and Full moon first hand, set a covered clear glass of water out under the beams overnight then drink in the energy of the moon the next morning. The New Moon continued ...
Check out Sami's Love letter column. ( Fall equinox 2014 edition )
Editorial - Sept / Oct 2015
We won't be silly enough to say that you need never "die." That would be like condemning you to remain in the second grade of school forever! But until it becomes your time to move along to the next classroom, there is no reason to be sick, crippled, or physically restricted in any way. More than that, IT'S YOUR DUTY as a student of the LIGHT to reach out for healing for yourself and your loved ones and thus DEMONSTRATE THAT THE POWER OF THE LIVING LIGHT IS AS REAL TODAY AS IT WAS 2,000 YEARS AGO! continued ...
Sept / Oct Musings 2015
Making judgments, consciously or unconsciously, prevents us from taking responsibility for our own life. By making judgments which justify our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and actions, we fool ourselves into thinking that we are good and right, and that other people are bad and wrong. Judgment is one way of kowtowing to what is socially accepted, hiding our insecurities about fitting in and feeling accepted by others. By living life this way, we are surrendering our power to the fluctuations of the majority opinion rather than being true to ourselves and living with a conscious intention for what we really want to express in our lives. ( cont...)
PYRAMID FUN-- Be sure and check out the new astral pyramid meditation chambers mentioned in our section on ASTRAL LAB? let us know of your experiences. ESP LAB PYRAMID EXERCISE-- This is now a regular monthly function and free service of your lab. We thank those who are participating as it gets a regular positive group energy going. To take part: a) write down your positive request of Spirit with enthusiasm and good energy b) mail it in time to reach our Durango, Colorado offices no later than Sept / Oct 22, 2015 (mountain mails are slow--especially in the winter-- so mail early!) and c) during this period (from 9 / 10-22-15 to 9 / 10-29-15) as much as you can declare:
"Let there be a complete manifestation of all the positive requests in the ESP Lab Pyramid Exercise"
All positive requests from the membership (and their guests) will be placed inside the pyramid. Send your signed requests with rainbows and waves of good energy to our new ESP Lab mailing address:Sami MERLYN Rose, President, Spiritual Science Church #88, PO BOX 2883, Durango, CO 81302-2883.Send a stamped envelope for a reply.
Waiting for the mailman ? Would you like to try Al's "A New Light of Help For You Online ? - ALTAR STARS & PYRAMID SHEETS downloadable in the MEMBERS SECTION.** Click here to begin!
Al's first correspondance course "A NEW LIGHT OF HELP FOR YOU" is now available online as part of our ongoing Service to our members. This classic work is a "must read", full of practical exercises that will bring noticible RESULTS quickly. Click Here for the first lesson.
You were born with ESP - Everybody was, but the material focus of modern society tries to educate it out of us. ESP is a general term including intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Spirit Contact, astral travel and the like. It will pay you well to at least partially focus back on the wonderful ESP powers you were born with. Click Here for the introduction to Al's 8 part series.
Testimonials - 2015
First of all, I want to give thanks to you, Spirits, Friends, Al, and Everybody there with all your prayers and blessings. Love, light, and good wishes, prosperity, to all of us! Thanks again for the support—I love to be a part of the Lab Family. --C.T. , California City, California continued...
Ra's coming out to playHappy Autumn Equinox ! We give thanks for the continuing personal relationships with all our Lab members. May you be Blessed in Light & Love & Fun & Joy for your continued Donations and recruiting of new members, as we grow upwards and onwards, together.
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